AVA Pre Con - IVAT Summit

Friday, September 22, 2017
San Diego, CA

IVAT AVA Pre-Summit: Integrated Trauma-Resiliency Awareness & Expertise into Health & Human Services

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The AVA Pre-Con on Friday will have the following presenters:

Vincent Felitti, MD served for over 30 years as the Director of the Prevention Program at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. He and Dr. Robert Anda, of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, served as the Co-Investigators for the ACE Study. Dr. Felitti will present the findings of the ACE Study and related developments in the USA and around the world regarding interest, similar studies, and use of its findings. He will also discuss the approach developed at Kaiser for addressing the ACEs identified by the more than 440,000 patients who completed the expanded Kaiser Health Appraisal that included the ACE items.

Denyse Olson-Dorff, PsyD, the psychologist overseeing the integration of trauma-resiliency awareness into primary healthcare practice at Gundersen Health Systems in La Crosse, Wisconsin will describe this process and lessons learned at Gundersen during the past three years.

Vicki Bodendorfer, MD, a second year Family Medicine resident at Gundersen will present results of a research study in the Family Medicine Residency Clinic which assessed physician and patient response to the ACE Conversation. This workflow was developed to educate and raise awareness about the relationship between toxic stress, health outcomes and the positive effect of resilience. The ACE Conversation card was developed to support this sensitive conversation between physicians and patients in the residency clinic during well child visits. This workflow recognizes patients’ strengths, encourages safe, stable and nurturing relationships, does not require disclosure, does not tally a score and recognizes common problems related to long-term health outcomes.

Bill Cosgrove, MD has been a general private practice pediatrician for 34 years. He will describe how he developed the courage to screen his patients' families for social determinants of toxic stress, post-partum depression, and maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, and how he accomplished that without disrupting patient flow or office routine.

Victor Vieth, JD, MA is the Senior Director and Founder of the National Child Protection Training Center, a program of Gundersen Health System. In this capacity, he has worked with academic institutions throughout the United States to dramatically improve undergraduate and graduate training of professionals who will respond to cases of child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence. As of this writing, 45 universities in 21 states have implemented these reforms and nearly 100 universities are engaged in the project. His presentation will detail these reforms and the research supporting them.

Kara Patin, LCSW worked as a part of a team with the Social Research Institute at the University of Utah to develop and deliver a trauma informed training curriculum for non-clinical level employees at various service agencies across the state of Utah. This training has been delivered at over 50 trainings to thousands of employees in various roles in helping professions. She will discuss how the need for this level of training was recognized, what was incorporated into the trainings, challenges of the training, positive outcomes, and implications for next steps towards creating trauma informed agencies in other areas.

Machelle Madsen Thompson, PhD, LCSW conducts research and teaches at Florida State University specializing in interventions that increase resilience with young people following trauma. She has been a counselor for over 20 years focusing on high-risk youths experiencing trauma, poverty, and abuse. Her presentation will teach attendees how to recognize protective factors leading to resilience following trauma. She will include training on assessing protective factors with the Trauma Resilience Scale for Children, which she co-authored, and implementing protective factors with multicultural youths in school, counseling, medical, and high-risk settings.